experience a lent like no other

Physical discipline, liturgical living, and prayer in one strangely-sweet mashup

Registration for the 2021 Lenten Challenge is now closed. Check back after Easter for news on the next Catholic Fitness Challenge.

Why join the Challenge?

You could just give up sweets again, after all…

Learn to remove the obstacles and distractions that keep you from living a happy and fulfilled life
Gain concrete tools to help you build sustainable fitness and nutrition habits
Discover valuable Catholic teachings on the integration of your body and soul and practical ways to apply them to your life

What’s Included

Flexible workout plans
You receive an exercise and health regimen for the duration of the 6 week Challenge  that is challenging yet adaptive to participants at every fitness level.
Coaching Curriculum
A series of video, PDF, and email content that will help you grow in your knowledge of an integrated Catholic approach to fitness.
Top Notch Accountability + Support
You have direct access to certified personal trainers who will track with your progress and be available to hold you accountable and answer any fitness and nutrition questions you have.

The Full Experience


  • 6-week exercise regimen
  • Physical and nutritional instruction videos
  • Guided Spiritual Reflections

All Physical Materials

  • The Journey to Self Gift
  • Limited-edition Challenger T-shirt


Content Only


  • 6-week exercise regimen
  • Physical and nutritional instruction videos
  • Guided Spiritual Reflections


Frequently Asked Questions

Who’s the program for?

Catholics or Christians of any fitness level looking to 

Do I need to be at a certain fitness level?

Definitely not! No matter if you’re looking for a way to freshen up your routine or if you’ve never actually made it to a gym before our workouts are designed to provide as much resistance as you’re able to offer.

How much of a time commitment is this?

The program itself lasts for the six weeks of Lent.You’ll receive fitness programming for three to four days per week and the exercises will generally run from 25-45 minutes.

You will also receive 15-20 minute coaching videos twice per week.


Will I need weights or equipment for the challenge?

We recommend having a minimum of two dumbbells. Additional equipment or gym access are helpful if you have them but not necessary.

What about nutrition?

A significant part of the challenge will consist of dietary instruction and nutritional principles that can be applied to any diet. We will not be providing meal plans but rather metrics by which to regulate your consumption.

Do I need to download anything?

Challengers will need to download the (free) TrueCoach app to view training plans and communicate with the Coach. TrueCoach is the #1 platform for personal trainers and has many amazing benefits. This app was chosen to give you the highest quality experience possible. 

How come I’ve never seen anything like this before?

Because it’s brand new! Liturgically-based fitness training is something that makes such sense within the tradition of Christianity but has yet to find meaningful or widespread articulation in our modern context. That’s what we’re hoping to change.


As a brand-new program and approach, there’s a lot that we’re figuring out as we run this challenge. We’ve made every effort to ensure that the components we’ve included in this program are tailored to maximize your personal growth but there’s a lot of really valuable information about the participant experience that can only come from you. That information will help continue to shape what these challenges look like and improve the overall experience.

For any questions not answered here feel free to reach out to ben@hypurofit.com