Imagine what you could do…

…if you were physically, mentally, and spiritually ready and present each day. What could you achieve?

At Hypuro Fit, we’re dedicated to transforming the lives of ordinary Catholics who know they could be doing better when it comes to physical fitness.

Hypuro Fit exists not just to give you a fitness program, but to help you find the deep, lasting dedication you need to create sustainable fitness habits. Our programs, based in the wisdom of Catholic spiritual tradition, will show you how the body and soul are inseparably integrated–and how you can care for both.

Our unique coaching method lends the perspective and guidance to turn the gym from a place of frustration to a place of victory.

    In short, Hypuro Fit exists to transform the lives of ordinary Catholics through the rigour of physical fitness.


    fitness challenges

    Our multi-week, concentrated group fitness experiences combine intensive exercise with the meditation of the Church’s calendar. Our Challenges are a great way to practice liturgical living in a way that brings perspective and drive in our journey toward heaven.

    one-on-one coaching

    The journey to self gift can be long and challenging. There are often many obstacles that stand in our way.

    A mentor and guide can be indispensable in maintaining forward momentum. Our certified personal trainers bring the wisdom and strength of heavy theological formation to their health and exercise coaching.


    Our book, the Journey to Self Gift is a synthesis of our founding thoughts and is a great way to easily digest and share the simple truths connecting our lives of faith to the way we treat our bodies.

    It can be helpful to have a more in-depth and guided education experience which is why we offer workshops, bootcamps, and speaking presentations as a way to engage larger groups.


    Chase Crouse

    Co-Founder and Fitness Director

    Chase is a N.A.S.M. Certified Personal Trainer and an ACE Certified Functional Fitness Specialist with an M.A in Theology. He ensures that all of our programs are physically excellent, safe, and achievable, and that our spirituality is Orthodox and inspirational for all members.

    Ben West

    Co-Founder and Operations Director

    Ben ensures the connectivity of our services with our clients and everything that that contains. Alongside Chase, Ben helps to develop our content and spiritual coaching curriculum.