Fitness solutions made for transforming the physical, mental, and spiritual lives of ordinary Catholics.

What could you do if…

…you were physically, mentally, and spiritually ready for each day?

What could you achieve? Who could you serve?

Hypuro Fit exists not just to give you a fitness program, but to help you find the deep, lasting dedication you need to create sustainable fitness habits.

With our programs, you’ll:

Learn to remove the obstacles and distractions that keep you from living a happy and fulfilled life

Gain concrete tools to help you build sustainable fitness and nutrition habits

Discover valuable Catholic teachings on the integration of your body and soul and practical ways to apply them to your life


Our fitness philosophy is firmly grounded in the Catholic Church’s rich theological, spiritual, and philosophical traditions.
Our fitness expertise is grounded in the most advanced modern science.
These combine to fuel our unique methodology that helps you connect two areas of your life you never thought would meet.

Hear it in a few more words

A short, easy read that synthesizes the thought and character of the work we do with Hypuro Fit and lays out the case for the fundamental spiritual importance of fitness

Flex your brain

Dive deep into what it is that makes a Catholic perspective on fitness so unique.

How to Strengthen Your Spiritual Muscles This Advent

How to Strengthen Your Spiritual Muscles This Advent

The holidays will be quiet and peaceful this year...right?  If you’re anything like me, you might find yourself battling for a moment of peace and quiet throughout the entire month of December. Amidst buying or making gifts, decorating, baking, sending Christmas...

What Does the Bible Say About Exercise?

What Does the Bible Say About Exercise?

What does the Bible have to say about exercise and fitness? These 5 Scripture verses are powerful encouragements for focusing your discipline or helping you with the motivation to get started.   Glorify God in Your Body   The Church teaches that the body is...

Five Things Prayer and Exercise Have in Common

Five Things Prayer and Exercise Have in Common

What do prayer and exercise have in common? More than you think! Here are five things they have in common that can help you stay motivated to do both.   1. They both cultivate discipline.    In his biblical letters to the early Christians, St. Paul often...